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    About Us

    Inspired by a lifestyle of luxury, Cashmere Polo Club stands to offer the best quality cashmere products. The essence of the brand is made up of the dream to create a world where style and glamour is at the heart of your life. Designed in Italy and made in Mauritius by a team of craftsmen with a unique savoir-faire refined by more than 20 years’ experience, our product is a promise of luxury, bliss and sophisticated style.

    Cashmere Polo Club uses the world’s finest yarn  to create the best quality cashmere product in the glamorous island of Mauritius. Our Cashmere is hand-knitted, machine washable, non peeling and non shrinkable. To offer the best lifestyle experience, Cashmere Polo Club does not compromise on quality thus using 100% Cashmere, a noble material equivalent to soft gold. Moreover, our products' price depends on the weight of the product; every product is put on a scale before pricing. Therefore, an XS size will cost less than an XL.

    We wish you to live a wonderful shopping experience on our website.

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