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    Our Cashmere

    Pure Cashmere Bliss

    Cashmere Polo Club garments are knitted using 100% Cashmere yarn.

    All our garments are 100% Made in Mauritius and are crafted from pure cashmere. Our knitwear also allows for generous ease of movement to the wearer, combined with high compressibility and ultra light weight which make them convenient to carry around or store away.

    Cashmere Polo Club knitwear offers to its clientele over 120 models and 180 trendy colours for the 2016 season. Each piece comes with a unique identification barcode and has an authenticity card ensuring the quality of our product.

    Our products are wrapped with care to protect them from any tampering.

    Caring for your cashmere

    Making your cashmere last for decades

    It is pretty easy to keep your high-quality Cashmere Polo Club garment looking at its best and feeling the noble quality of the cashmere for many years to come; looking after it properly will ensure that it will last for decades.

    Wearing your new cashmere garment

    The first time you wear your new cashmere product, some small ‘pills’ (balls of fibre) may appear on the fabric. It is in no way an indication that the garment is faulty or of inferior quality. These are quite normal and are simply caused by some of the loose fibres rubbing together. They can be easily removed, either by carefully picking the balls off by hand or using a cashmere comb or de-fuzz-it device. Removing these pills will actually consolidate your cashmere and make it softer.

    Dry Clean only

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